History & Background

History & background

Incorporated in 1988 as a research and financial printer, Sterling quickly established itself in the UK print market. In the 1990s and 2000s it expanded its product range to commercial print, report & accounts and associated design services.

In 2007 Sterling acquired Greenaways from the Pillans & Wilson subsidiary of the Ormolu Group. Previously owned by Lonrho, through Scottish & Universal Investments Ltd, the company had started in the 19th Century as Daniel Greenaways & Son.

The 2000s saw Sterling expand its financial print operations overseas with the opening of offices in the United States and Middle East and its entry into the virtual data room market with the launch of Sterling
X-AG in 2009. Adapting to changing market conditions, with the onset of the digital age and the effects of the global recession, Sterling has consolidated its position in the market.