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Sterling Data Rooms


  • Cutting-edge technology and World-class security
  • Official Adobe Systems® solution partner
  • Fully accredited: ISO27001, ISO9001, SAS70 II
  • Lowest system requirements in market
  • Full automated document protection and text recognition
  • 24/7/365 Sterling service and support


Sterling Data Rooms DashboardA crucial objective during the development of Sterling Data Rooms was to reduce the time wasted with troublesome downloads and complex training. We collected feedback from current VDR users to ensure that with Sterling Data Rooms you receive data room functionality that works for you.

Built by specialists, accredited by experts, trusted by professionals. Sterling’s Sterling Data Rooms virtual data room is an online platform that enables you to perform faster and more efficient due diligence and document management in a completely secure environment.

Sterling Data Rooms guarantees a world-class security solution for businesses that prioritise confidentiality and depend on reliability. Sterling Data Rooms also offers a suite of dynamic real-time activity reports, enabling deal administrators complete insight into user behaviour throughout the transaction.

A streamlined, fast, intuitive and secure
platform that provides flexibility for:

  • M&A due diligence
  • Pre-IPO due diligence
  • Fundraising
  • Document archiving
  • Virtual board rooms
Sterling Data Rooms Rooms


Built and managed by a team with over 25 years experience in serving the financial community, Sterling Data Rooms clients and users are supported by 24/7/365 helpdesk and customer services teams. We offer a totally secure, end-to-end VDR and document management service that is complemented by our in-house typesetting, print production and document delivery capabilities. This ensures complete security and peace of mind over the confidential management and production of sensitive data.

Intuitive drag-and-drop tools and simple ‘one click’ processes help every user navigate and use the system with ease. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Service and Simplicity
  • Upload automatically protected documents with drag-and-drop bulk uploads, or a ‘One-Click’ process.
  • Sterling Data Rooms automatically processes all uploaded documents (including scanned paper documents) to be fully text searchable in all languages using cutting edge OCR (optical character recognition) technology.
  • View, print or save native files using intuitive permissioning tools and deploy document releases with just one click.
Sterling VDR


In time-critical projects no one wants to spend time installing special viewers, custom plug-ins or Java to start reviewing documents. Sterling Data Rooms has the lowest system requirements and the highest security levels in the industry. All you need is access to the internet, a browser and the universal Adobe® PDF reader.

As an official Adobe® Solution Partner Sterling Data Rooms uses Adobe® LiveCycle Rights Management security to protect all documents, providing the highest possible level of document encryption currently available – 128/256 bit AES encryption.

Trusted by government, defence and aviation institutions, where these levels of confidentiality and control are critical, Sterling Data Rooms transparently enables managers to dynamically determine who can view and print protected PDFs or save native source documents at a click of a mouse.

Sterling DATA Rooms



With its bespoke user dashboard, one of the main features of Sterling Data Rooms is its ease of use – intuitive tools, full browse and search functionality and total document management with ‘one click’ or drag-and-drop processes. In addition, from a technical perspective Sterling Data Rooms stands out as a leader in terms of functionality:

Create a Data Room in Minutes

Uploading made simple: Entire data rooms can be built off-line with no training by simply building the folder structure on your own PC.

Save time and eliminate human error: Sterling Data Rooms automatically indexes the folders and documents once uploaded, thus the traditionally time consuming task of creating a master index and numbering the files is no longer required.

Drag & Drop Uploading: When ready entire folders can be easily dragged and dropped for uploading to the data room, where it is replicated in full. All documents are also automatically protected and made fully text searchable.

Full Text Search

Sterling Data Rooms uniquely protects and also performs full text recognition on all uploaded documents, even scanned paper documents.

Sterling Data Rooms

Multi-Lingual Search

Sterling Data Rooms automatically processes all documents to be fully text searchable in all languages, including Cyrillic, Chinese and Japanese documents.

Sterling Data Rooms


Sterling Data Rooms

Simple “One-Click” Administration

One-Click Document Upload

Click the purple “Add Document” button and browse for the required files and upload. Works in any browser and does not require any Flash or Java plug-ins like other products.

One-Click Document Upload

Using the add document button allows a quick and easy method to move files from your PC to the data room. They are located in an admin only hidden folder where they can be dragged to the live index.

Simple, Powerful Permission Tools

Determine what users can view, print & save

Visual Permission Tool Drag & Drop teams to set team permissions at folder or document level.

Sterling Data Rooms


Advanced Permission Tags

Manage multiple phases of due diligence with total confidence and ease. Assigning hidden sensitive documents with permission tags, prevents against accidental disclosure and allows complex releases of documents with a simple mouse click.

Sterling Virtual data Rooms


Sterling Data Rooms is a fully accredited Virtual Data Room:

• ISO 27001 Data Security

• ISO 9001 Quality Management

• SAS70 Type II Data Centre

• Adobe Systems® Solution Partner